Reef Sites

Reef Sites - to be completed

A sea slug called Amphorina farrani
Nudibranch - Amphorina farrani

Burnmouth Caves

Home of the nudibranches - more information to follow...

Orange brittle star on sea urchin
Brittle star © Lawson Wood

Waddy Rocks

a good dive on a north easterly swell - more information to follow.....

Butterfish with starfish
Butterfish and starfish

Petticowick Bay

A sheltered bay, very good to hide from a south westerly swell. More information to follow....

Wolf fish in a crack
Wolf fish © Mike Clark

Black Carrs

So much to say about this site, not just wolf fish, but octopus, many anemones, at least 2 anchors and angler fish on a good day!

Pink anemone
Pink anemone

Anemone Gullies

Wow, so much to say about this site, I could dedicate a whole website to the different colours of dahlia anemones found here!

Starfish and two closed dahlia anemones
Dahlias asleep with starfish

Ebb Carrs

Ebb Carrs - but there are so many sites to dive here, it may take me a bit of time to write them all up!