Sagittarius being painted blue
Sagittarius is now blue


Generally fishing activities are undertaken from  Sagittarius, but Oceanic will also be used for fishing trips when there are no divers on board. 

Sagittarius is a Blyth Workboat 33, a catamaran that provides outstanding sea keeping abilities for a vessel of its size (10 metres long and almost 5 metres wide). The width of the boat provides a large deck area which is great for angling sorting kit, and drinking tea.

Trips can be booked by groups or individuals; the fish caught will depend on the season, but may often be cod, ling or pollock.

Half day, full day and evening trips available

All your fishing questions answered:

Q. Can I hire fishing rods and other equipment?

A.  Yes all equipment can be hired, just let us know in advance what you need. 

Q. Can I buy hooks and weights on the boat if I need them?

A. Yes, we have a small selection of hooks, weights and lures onboard which can be purchased. 

Q. Can I take the fish home that I catch?

A. Yes, you can take your catch home, but do bring a bucket or sealable bag so you can safely put it in your car. 

Q. What fish can I catch?

A. They type of fish being caught can be seasonal and weather dependent. But a range of species can be fished here including pollock, cod, ling, mackerel, wrasse and possibly an elusive wolf fish. 

Q. Can I cook the fish I catch near by? 

A. The boat is not licenced to have a stove or cooker on board, so if you want to cook the fish, you will have to bring your own stove and cook it when you return to dry land. 

Q. Is there a toilet on the boat?

A. Yes, there is a toilet on board. 

Fisherman holding a cod
Ronnie on the cod
Fisherman with two fish
Happy fisherman
Fisherman with very large fish
Dean Thompson with first fish of the season